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C.T.O. Carbon Block Easy Change Filters:

A Carbon Block Filter Is Designed To Remove Certain Chemicals, Particularly Organic Chemicals, From Water. GAC Filters Also Can Be Used To Remove Chemicals That Give Objectionable Odors Or Tastes To Water Such As Hydrogen Sulfide Or Chlorine.

EW Filter Options:

* EW Easy Change Filter, Spun PP 5 Micron

* EW Easy Change Filter, G.A.C. Carbon

* EW Easy Change Filter, Spun PP 1 Micron

* EW Easy Change Filter, Ion Resin

* EW Easy Change Filter, 75 GPD RO Membrane

* EW Easy Change Filter, C.T.O. Carbon Block

* EW Easy Change Filter, G.A.C. + K.D.F. Carbon