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Digital Water TDS Tester / Aquarium Water Quality Tester:

* Feature:

  1. One Button Operation.

  2. Auto Reading Hold Function

  3. Auto Shut-off Function

  4.  2 Color LCD Display (Red & Green)


* Operation Instruction:

   1. Prepare the Water Sample in a Container Such as a Cup.

   2. Remove the Probe Cap and Press the Button, The LCD Will Display "000".

   3. Dip the Probe into Sample, the Meter Body is Partially Water-Resistant Only and Shell Stay Dry.

   4. Stir the Neter and Knock at Cup for 2-3 Seconds to Remove the Bubble Nearby Probe

       (to Avoid the Bubble Affectthe Accuracy).             

   5. Remove the Meter from Water to Obtain TDS Reading, the Readinf will Hold Automatically.

   6. For a New Measurement, Press Button to Clear Reading, the LCD will Display "000".  

   7. After Measurement, Wipe the Meter Body then Put the Cap on, the Measurement will Shut-Off After 15 


   8. To Turn Off the Meter Manually, Press the Button for 3 Seconds.